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Rank Distinctions

Advanced Ranking

Once a child has learnt the rudiments of stance work, distancing, blocking but more importantly the ability to roll and to fall from a height without being injured they are considered to be of advanced rank. This is denoted by the wearing of a coloured belt. Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu uses a modification of the standard AJJF Adult ranking system for children. The six children's ranks are:

White (10K or Jukyu)
Yellow (9K or Kukyu)
Orange (9K or Kukyu)
Blue (8K or Hachikyu)
Green (8K or Hachikyu)
Purple (7K or Sichikyu)

Each belt is further divided by three steps which are denoted by coloured banding corresponding to the colour of the belt aspired. Purple belt is the highest rank a child may obtain whilst still attending the children's classes. Once a child has sufficiently physically matured, they can be safely promoted to the adult class. An adolescent can promote to the adult ranking system from any of the children's ranks and, for a time, will wear the rank earned in the children's division.

Beginning Rank

During the first few months of attending Jujitsu classes, a child is in the process of learning stance work, distancing, blocking, rolling and falling. This rank is denoted by the child wearing a white belt. Dependant upon the speed at which your child shows the ability to master these basics, they can expect to promote to the advanced rank within four to six months.

Why are adult classes taught with all ranks on the mat?

Adult students are frequently divided into smaller groups of same ranked individuals for multifaceted teaching. Each group can be given a task to work on with the sensei moving from group to group. The atmospher of most adult classes allows for this type of teaching. Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu uses the standard Adult Kyu ranking system. Adult ranks are:

White (6K or Rokyu)
Blue (5K or Gokyu)
Green (4K or Yonkyu)
Third Brown (3K or Sankyu)
Second Brown (2K or Nikyu)
First Brown (1K or Ikkyu)

What about Black Belt?

Adults reaching the rank of First Brown or Ikkyu will apply, with their sensei's recommendation, for examination, to the AJJF board of Professors to obtain their First Black belt or Shodan. Thus, all students of Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu gain national ranking. Note: The so called "Dojo Black belt" is not awarded at Nemuri Kuma Jujitsu.